Whenever there are two or more programming languages available for one purpose, it makes way for different communities and hence a cold war between those communities. In most cases, discussions used to be based on their performance, name of giants using the language and the nerdy statistics. PHP, Ruby and Python are such a group of languages having a war between them, as well as being used widely for web services. Open source behaviour of these languages is the main reason for such a competition and it seems that many of web giants are also using these codes to power their services.

A Brief Look

  • PHP

As you might know, PHP is a programming language developed for making websites with dynamic content in it. The latest version of PHP available is v5.4.16 as on 6 June. The language announced back in 1995 was created by Rasmus Lerdorf. Now PHP is used by various websites around the World Wide Web.

  • Ruby

Ruby is another top programming language, which was intended for making programming funnier and hence to reduce the stress of programmers. Like PHP, Ruby was also announced in 1995 by Yukihiro “MATS” Matsumoto. Latest version of Ruby available is v2.0.0.

  • Python

Python can be called as a beast when compared to the other ones because it is developed for emphasising productivity and the readability of code. Python is also the aged programming language in the list as it was announced in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. Unlike others, Python is used for some powerful jobs.

Difficulty & Influence

When compared to other languages, Ruby is considered as the toughest programming language as it requires knowledge about some other languages for beginning itself. The language is influenced by several languages like ADA, C++, PERL, PYTHON etc, making it more complex

PHP stands for the second position when difficulty is considered as a factor. When compared to the former one, PHP is easy to code especially if you have previous experience in C languages. This language is hardly influenced by C, C++, PERL, JAVA etc.

Python seems to be the programming language with simplest syntax with it. If you are a person, who would like to start the programming stuff, you can choose Python to start from. Though it is much easy to code, the language is influenced by ABC, C, C++, PERL etc.

Usability & Popularity

Some researches were there regarding the usability and popularity of programming languages organized by some authorities. According to these indexes, the results are as follows.

  • PHP

PHP is having economy usability when compared to others. The codes are not much easy or much tough. May because of the usability level, PHP is the most popular programming language among this three as of December 2011. PHP boasts a higher number of developers as well as job postings around the globe. According to statistics of discussion, PHP is placed second. This language seems to be a better one for small businesses as well as job seekers. The language contains less number of code lines but goes first when runtime matters.

  • Ruby

When developers’ words are assumed correct, Ruby is much powerful and expressive. Use of the code will surely improve the UI than others. However, when it comes to popularity and amount discussions going on, it is placed last. Nevertheless, Ruby has an impressive number of job postings with good salary, though it has kept last in the number of developers. Ruby has a more amount of code lines and the performance is keeping moderate behaviour.

  • Python

Python is treated as the most readable programming language we can find. In case of ratings, Python is placed second, in between PHP and Ruby. The language is offering less job postings but the number of developers has a dramatic increase. Python is put last in the case of runtime and lines of code because Python shows a bad runtime even with requiring more lines of code.

Who Use It?


  • Wikipedia
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  • Google
  • YouTube


My personal favourite among this three is Ruby because its easy to read, write, and learn. Which programming language is your favourite? Do let me know through your comments.

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